About LexIot

About Us

LEXIOT is the new innovation in the smart arena, providing intelligent technology for all your home automation needs. LEXIOT automation systems are designed to seamlessly adapt to your living and working environment. LEXIOT brings management and monitoring of your environment at your fingertips.

Our wide range of smart products allow you to automate your home/office, effortlessly and efficiently. As your family grows, so can your smart home. It’s as easy as adding a compatible device to your network and connecting it to LEXIOT.

Who we are

LEXIOT has been pioneering the use of innovative technologies since 2015.Our solutions are custom-built for a wide range of Corporate, Government, Education, Hospitality and Residential applications.

Our passion is to make this world SMARTer and make it energy efficient. We help clients by integrating state-of-the-art technology with existing or new facilities.

What We Do

We provide clients with solutions that:

Help improve operational efficiency and productivity
Create innovative audio-visual communication environments
Simplify the operation of an increasingly complex ecosystem of devices and technologies
Design larger-than-life, immersive digital entertainment experiences
Achieve greater energy efficiency


LEXIOT helps clients by integrating state-of-the-art technology into existing or new facilities. Clients can engage us to undertake turnkey project management or supply only specified equipment.